About Us

Michelle Leung


Designer and Artist

Michelle is a graduate of Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, majoring in Robotics Engineering. She started crafting tiffany-styled stained glass with her father at the age of six, followed by chainmail at the age of eight. Her other artistic hobbies include photography, graphic design, 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving, sketching, fusion glass, soap-making, and anything that requires engineering.

Teddie Leung


Artist, Mineral Collector and Engineer

Teddie enjoys making things with his own hands. At the age of eleven, he began intensive training with metal work and woodwork at his technical school. Then, whilst training at the industrial centre of Hong Kong Polytechnic (now university), his growing skills repertoire included welding and brazing. After immigrating to Canada, he continued expand his vast knowledge of materials by learning and working with other media: glass (stained, dichroic, fusion), rocks/minerals (cabbing, displaying), wire (jewellery), and much more. He was a master electrician and prefers to call himself a handyman now.​

Derek Leung


Mineral Collector and Competitive Curler

Derek is the 2015 recipient of the National Deans' Scholarship for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture at Laurentian University, where he graduated from a specialisation in Earth Sciences et une mineure en Français Langue Seconde. Derek is also one of the 6 Spirit of Sandra Scholars for 2017. Derek divides his time between throwing some rocks (curling) and keeping others (mineral collecting). His creative interests include novel writing, music composition, and necktie knot tying.

Elise Li


Elise is a registered nurse with a masters degree in Nursing from Ryerson University. She trained at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Ryerson University. She is very skilled in the art of Chinese knotting and has worked with chain mail, wire, and polymer clay in the past.